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Delivery Services by Talal Packers

Our company Talal Packers provides you with the best delivery services in the whole city of Karachi. If you are looking for a delivery service which you can completely rely on, then our company “Talal Packers” is the best option for you. We will deliver your goods on time and with proper security and protection.
We provide diversified services and a plethora of options to choose from. Here are the details of our delivery services.

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Our Standard Delivery Services

In the option of standard delivery service by our company, we deliver your goods within 2 to 3 working days. We will make sure that your parcel is delivered within the mentioned time.

In Minimum Time Frame

If you have to send something urgently and you don’t have time to wait then you can use our overnight delivery service in which your parcel will be delivered to the respective location within just a day or a few hours. For instance, your sister lives in Karachi too but the very next day is her Job interview and she forgot her documents at your place and you don't have that kind of time to drop them at her place then you can use our service to send the documents.

Gifts for Your Loved Ones

We also provide a special delivery service in which you can send gifts to your loved ones and we will deliver them on the mentioned date and time. For instance, you have a friend and it’s his birthday after one day but you don’t have time to go and surprise him, instead, you choose us. We will deliver your gift to your loved ones on time and with safety.

On-Call Delivery Service

We also provide on-call delivery services. In case you cannot come to our office then you can call us and our worker will pick up the stuff that you want to deliver and then he will bring it to the office where it will be packed and then delivered to its respective location. We provide our services in almost the whole Karachi and we have experience of over 8 years.

Fast Response

Get a fast response from an approved Talal Packers provider so your HVAC is up and running again ASAP. 24/7 emergency.

Trusted Professionals

The Talal Packers are providing local delivery professionals are licensed, insured and background checked for your peace of mind.

Quality Work Guaranteed

We deliver your items on time at your destination.

What is the Process of Delivery?

In the process of delivery, first comes the method of packing. We have different packing materials for various types of items. For fragile items, we pack them in bubble wrap and then into paper and the final packing is in the cardboard box. We pack the non-fragile items according to their size. If they are smaller then we will pack them up and deliver them in our polythene bags and if the size of the item to be delivered is big and large then we deliver it in those same boxes. After the packing comes to the delivery point, we have vehicles for various types of deliveries. If it is an urgent delivery then we will send a worker on a bike to deliver it up. We the item is large in the size then we have cargos and small pick-ups for that purpose. The main point is to make your item safe and to deliver it without damaging and Talal Packers has to experience achieving this goal every time.

Intime Message Alert of Your Delivered Parcel

Whenever you are using a delivery service, you have a continuous thought of stress that your parcel has been delivered safely or not. By using our services, you no longer have to worry about this because Talal Packer’s delivery service comes with a message service as well. In this, you are informed via text message that your parcel has been delivered to the mentioned address/location. Talal Packers reduces your tension and stress by providing you with innumerable facilities.

Wrapping it up!

By using our services, you won’t have to worry about if the parcel will reach or not because we have vast experience in this industry.

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