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Clean and temperature controlled storage space

Talal Packers-Storage Services

Sometimes it can be a little tricky for you if you arrange a warehouse or a safe house for the storage of your goods as you have to pay for both the rent and the on-duty staff. If you choose us, 

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we will provide you with all the services and you won’t have to keep a check and balance as it would be our duty to maintain the security and storage of your goods. Our company, “Talal Packers”, provides you with a video range of storage options where you can store your products.

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Personal Storage Services

Talal Packers, our company will provide you the facility of personal storage space. In this facility we will pick up your goods from the location you will provide and then we will pack them up with the best equipment available. 

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We will dedicate an area of our storage space for your item/stuff and you can pick it up any time you want.

We also provide the service in which you can call us whenever you need your goods and we will deliver them to you at the provided location.

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Fast Response

Get a fast response from an approved Talal Packers provider so your HVAC is up and running again ASAP. 24/7 emergency.

Trusted Professionals

The Talal Packers local heating and cooling professionals are licensed, insured and background checked for your peace of mind.

Quality Work Guaranteed

We back all our heating and cooling repair and tune-up services with a 15-day guarantee on labor.

Storage Services for Shorter Period of Time

Our company “Talal Packers” also provides storage services for a shorter period of time. For instance, you own a business and manufacture a product but you need temporary storage space for your goods before they go into the market. 

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If you use our company’s storage services then you can get goods whenever you want from the storage area without any trouble when they are ready to go in the market.

This will cost less and you will only pay for the time you used our services, not more not less.

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Storage Space for Vehicles

It is highly possible that you have a business in transportation and you run out of space at your place and need a storage place for your vehicles then you can contact us and we will provide you with the best services in town. The exception is that if you are someone who has immense love for cars and vehicles and you randomly buy them but don’t have space for them. Just contact us and we will find out a place in our storage area for your vehicles with a separation. You will always find us available and we provide all types of vehicle storage spaces.

Storage for Commercial Purposes

If you run out of space in your warehouse or your storage space is under renovation then you can totally use our services. Even if you don’t own a storage space of your own and you are in need of one, then you can definitely call us and we will provide you with the best services possible. Talal Packers will provide you with the best services for commercial level of storage and our services are eminent in Karachi.

Controlled Temperature Storage Area

In the storage area where the temperature is controlled, the goods that are sensitive to certain temperatures stay best. you manufacture medicine of some kind and it should be placed at a specific temperature then you should definitely use our storage services. For instance, you need storage services for cosmetics and they need a low temperature to be stored because some of them are heat sensitive and can cause serious issues when used. So, our company will provide you best storage services in that department.

Safety Services

Here are some safety measures to make sure that your stuff stays protected and safe.

Talal Packers will provide you with the best services possible and you won’t find these types of services elsewhere.

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